The Thirty Second Asthma Test

Use this simple 5 question test to determine if your asthma is controlled!

Answer the following questions with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’:
1) Do you cough, wheeze, or have a tight chest because of your asthma? (4 or more days a week)  YES / NO
2) Do coughing, wheezing, or chest tightness wake you at night?(1 or more times a week)  YES / NO
3) Do you stop exercising because of your asthma? (in the past 3 months)  YES / NO
4) Do you ever miss work or school because of your asthma?(in the past 3 months)  YES / NO
5) Do you use your blue inhaler 2 or more times a week? (except one dose/day for exercise) YES / NO

If you answer ‘Yes’ to one or more questions, see your pharmacist or doctor and ask how you can feel better today.

For more information about Asthma, see our May newsletter,  The Mortar and Pestle

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