Insurance Claim Forms

Prescription Medication Claim Forms

When you have paid the full price for a prescription medication but do have insurance drug coverage, you need only fill out the appropriate claim form and submit that form to the insurance company or the third party carrier that they use to administer prescription claims.   Within two to four weeks you should receive a reimbursement cheque for the prescriptions based on the coverage that you hold.

For your convenience we have collected the claim forms required by several insurers and carriers.  Simply find the claim form for your insurance provider, click on the form and the claim form will display in a separate tab.  You can then print out this form, fill it in and either mail it directly to the insurance company or take the completed form to your place of work and ask that they submit the form along with any other claims and documents being sent to the insurance company.   Many employers will offer this service to their employees but understand that your employer is not obligated to do so.

Please be aware that we have no drug benefits coverage expertise although we can tell you with confidence that each and every group insurance is quite different from all others.  The drug plan was most likely developed for your group or your company making the plan coverage specific to your needs and not necessarily to the needs of others.   If you do have any questions about your drug coverage please contact your insurance provider.    As patients make us aware of claim processes.

Claim Forms for some of the major insurance providers:

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