Historical Notes

Newsletter Archives, Pharmacist Awareness Month & 30 Year Anniversary

The March issue of our newsletter, The Mortar & Pestle is available on our site, as well as previous issues.  This month’s issue discusses Travel Medicine, new supplements from SISU and in recognition that March is Pharmacist Awareness Month across Canada, a focus on Pharmacist’s professional services.  Pharmacists across Canada are quickly moving away from …

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Homeopathy – Mostly Mis-Understood

Homeopathy is a safe and effective treatment option for many, many minor health issues as well as for the treatment of more serious, complex disease when it is used by a knowledgable homeopathic practitioner. It’s true that a neat explanation for the mechanism of action seems to escape discovery by traditional scientific methods, but that does not mean it is not safe and certainly does not mean that we should not continue to use homeopathic remedies which have a proven track record, that is actually longer than traditional allopathic medicines.

That Was Then – This Is Now

Think of us now as therapeutic problem solvers! We view our patient holistically and not just with a focus on the drug or even just on the drug therapy. Pharmacists have to consider the patient’s medical history; their current health status; previous drug therapy responses as well as drug adverse reactions and true allergies.

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