Complimentary Alternative Medicine

The following links are those that our staff have found to be useful as sources of information for Complementary Alternative Medicine.  This covers topics such as natural source remedies, supplements, nutritionals, herbal medicines, homeopathy, energetics, functional medicine, phytotherapy, and much more.   Our list is not an all inclusive list of available resources online, in fact that list changes at least weekly with new sites added and existing sites being removed.   In compiling this short list of electronic reference sites, we placed emphasis on the accuracy of the information being presented, the reliability and that site’s ability to act as a reference.   We have done our best to review those sites listed below using those criteria.

Feel free to bookmark the websites for reference and quick access.   We encourage you to collect your own list of useful sites in an effort to create your reference list.   Over time you will find that you have created a bundle of online sites that become your trusted reference on topics from complementary alternative medicine to traditional medical therapeutics and more.  Of course, make certain to bookmark our site as part of your ‘must have’ references.


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