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Adhesive Remover Wipes

It is a small pad saturated with a unique iso-alcohol-free adhesive remover. Its formula effectively removes tape, skin barrier, and adhesive residues from the skin that can reduce wear times, and it contains emollients that leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

Sold as singles, 50 per box, and 100 per box.

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Air Fresheners

An individual living with a stoma has to deal with odor when changing or emptying the pouch. Air fresheners or odor antagonists help in reducing or eliminating these odors, allowing for some discretion.

Odor antagonists will eliminate the odor rather than adding a smell that combines with the smell of the contents of the pouch. Air fresheners will only mask the smell but you may end up with the smell of the freshener and the smell of the contents mixed together.

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Barrier Paste

Paste is a highly effective filler, sealant and protective skin barrier for use with colostomy, ileostomy and urinary stomas. The paste is also used to protect exposed skin around fistula sites, between the base of the stoma and the opening in the appliance and as a filler for skin folds, uneven skin surfaces and scars.

It is recommended to close the tube after each use to prevent the paste from hardening over time. The paste is alcohol based so it will dry out if left.

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Cohesives seals are available as a donut-shaped ostomy accessory that can be molded to a variety of shapes. It acts as a gasket or barrier and provides enhanced protection for hard-to-fit stomas. The unique moldable hydrocolloid barrier forms a gel that helps pevent skin damage by sealing the area between the skin and ostomy appliance.

Cohesive skin barrier is moldable and moisture-absorbing. It is designed to help protect the skin from contact with body fluids. It is used wherever the skin is damaged, excoriated or vulnerable and needs protection from body wastes and fluids.

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Convex Inserts

What are convex inserts? They are plastic rings that can be snapped into the flange ring adding convexity to the standard skin barrier. When a stoma changes and becomes flush with the skin it can result in a shorter wear time for the wafer. Rather than the usual 3 to 5 days the wear time is shorter. The insert will apply gentle pressure on the skin surrounding the stoma, forcing the stoma to protrude more.

Convex inserts need to be matched with the flange size, the insert inner diameter and the stoma size. It is best to talk to your home care or E.T. nurse about a convex insert. It is not advised to incorporate the insert on your own. The incorrect size could result in damage to the stoma.

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Deodorants are used to deodorize the pouch from odors. Some come with a lubricant to make emptying the pouch easier. Placing 6 to 12 drops in the pouch will eliminate odor.

Commercially available deodorants are Hollister Adapt lubricating deodorant,  M9 deodorant, and Coloplast O.A.D.

One and Two Piece Systems

Ostomy appliances are available in one piece and two piece systems. The one piece system has the wafer and pouches attached together as one piece. There may be variations in size and type of wafer, and pouches can be closed end, open end, and urostomy style spout.

In a two piece system the wafer and pouch are separate. They snap together similar to tupperware and the wafer size and the pouch size must match in order to fit properly.

The different wafers available are regular wear, extended wear, regular wear with convexity and extended wear with convexity. Pouches are available as closed end, closed end with filter, open ended, and urostomy style spout.

Ostomy Belt

An ostomy belt is an adjustable and wraps around the abdomen, attaching securely to the loops found on the ostomy pouches holding the pouch in place. It provides an added sense of security. The belt may help to tug the pouching system toward your abdomen preventing lifts and leaks. Some people prefer to wear the belt while sleeping because of frequent position changes and pouch movement.

The belt should be snug but never tight when worn. You should be able to comfortably fit a couple of fingers under the belt. The belt is made of a wide soft elastic material to prevent rolling. Hand wash belt using a mild soap, lay flat to dry. Belts are sold one per box.

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Ostomy Tape

Ostomy tape is not a special tape designed for stomas. Available is paper tape or mesh type tape that are hypoallergenic and plastic tape that is usually a bit harsher on the skin.

It is used to secure the wafer or to reinforce a wafer that is starting to come off.

Commercial tapes available for this purpose are 3M micropore tape in ½”, 1” or 2” width and Coverroll mesh tape in 2”, 4” or 6” widths. Tape should not be used if the wafer is lasting less than 3 days. This would indicate a problem with the stoma or the skin surrounding the stoma.

Peristomal Hernia Belts

When a hernia develops around the stoma it is called a peristomal hernia. With a stoma the hernia support would need to have a cut out to accommodate the appliance.

There are specialty hernia belts that are 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 9” wide. The belt will have a cut out on the left or right side and the cut out will be specific to the size of appliance you are presently using.

Pouch Liners

Pouch liners may be used with a two piece pouch closed pouch or a drainable pouch. They are made to increase the wear time of your ostomy pouch by several days. The size of the liner is convenient as it allows you to pack them in your pocket or purse.

The liner is inserted through the ring of the pouch. Spread the liner out inside the pouch and make sure about 1” of the liner material is visible around the out side of the ring then attach pouch to the wafer. It is recommended that you put a few pin holes in the top shoulder area before inserting, to allow gas to escape.

When removing liners it is best if the liner is not completely full, grasp the liner from the edge and pull it together to seal contents inside liner remove from pouch and simply flush it away, with no mess or clean up and no water needed. Insert a new liner, and reattach to wafer.

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Skin Barrier Wipes

Skin barrier wipes are non-water soluble formula for skin protection. The wipes provide a barrier film on the skin under tapes, skin barriers, adhesives, and hydrocolloid dressings to help protect against irritation that may be caused by skin stripping, tension blisters, folliculitis, maceration or adhesive residue.

Available as singles, box of 50, and box of 100.

Stomahesive Powder

This protective powder is composed of gelatin, pectin and sodium carboxymethylcellulose. Stomahesive powder  helps form a protective barrier against excoriating discharge on weeping areas. Increases wear time by absorbing moisture while helping to prevent skin irritation.

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