Information about your pet's medication

Information about the medication you have received which has been customized and specially prepared for your pet’s needs is important to you and your pet.   You have taken your pet to the veterinarian who has listened to the symptoms you have described, has carefully done a physical examination and may have even done some additional diagnostic work.   After completing the examination the veterinarian has prescribed a medication that will be customized for your pet.  That may have involved the preparation of a particular dosage form – liquid, capsule, transdermal gel.   It may have required preparing a flavoured suspension using knowledge of what flavouring your dog or cat prefers.   Or it may be a transdermal gel that allows the delivery of medication into the bloodstream with the simple swipe of a small amount of gel on the inner side of their ear.

Whatever the medication, you can be assured that the medication has been customized to your pet’s needs, to make sure that medication has the best chance of delivering it’s benefits and hopefully with a minimum amount of stress on the animal patient.    To gain the best results from this customized medications we have also prepared some auxillary information about the customized medication, what it is, what it is intended for, how best to use it and what side effects to watch for.   This information and more are included in our medication information handouts listed below.  The list is not all inclusive since many, many customized medications we prepare are what we call “one off” formulations that are made once for a particular animal and never called for again.  This makes it difficult to prepare information handouts for all the customized preparations we make so we’ve focused on some of the medications that we are called on to prepare often, sometimes daily most usually several times per week, which therefore demands that we offer some type of brief overview of the medication, to better help you the pet owner have a better understanding of the drug therapy and how to get the best results from the specialized formulation.

We will continue to add information about those preparations that we are called on to prepare regularly, adding them here as they are researched and written.   Always remember that no handout can cover all aspects of each unique therapeutic situation.  For this reason we remind you that if you have questions of us or your veterinarian, please ask.  We are just a phone call away.

The following information documents can be accessed by clicking on the medication name.   You will be prompted to either save the document before viewing or to view it within your browswer.

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