We are a Complete Home Healthcare Centre

Welcome to our Home Healthcare Department

Our home healthcare division has always focused on your health and well being. It is not enough to simply provide a product.  We recognize the importance of understanding different medical conditions and providing the most appropriate product for your needs. Sourcing the newest and best products is always a priority along with educating our home care staff to better serve you. Being innovative in the way we provide services and follow up, when indicated, is how we have earned our customer’s trust. We have pioneered ways to provide services that have become standards in the industry. Striving to do better everyday is all in a days’ work for us. Our fitters receive advanced training in the management and fitting of breast prosthesis and compression stockings. They understand the importance of the right shape and style of breast prosthesis to provide you with a natural silhouette. Fitting of compression stockings does not just involve accurate measurements but also includes consideration of the fabric choice and ensuring you are receiving the appropriate compression class for your condition. Troubleshooting of any problems is what we do best. If you are not happy, we are not happy. It is that simple.   We invite you to experience the Stafford Pharmacy and Home Healthcare difference.    We are “Southern Alberta's Home Healthcare Center”.

Our Product Categories

Our Home Healthcare department continues to add information about the wide variety of product categories that are carried at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare.   This has found them at times, to be a bit overwhelmed,  some of this is dependent on the volume of sales both in-store and online.  The overwhelming response to the our renovated website is a very welcome surprise.  Thank you to  the new visitors as well as all those who have returned time and time again.

Please come back often as the headings will become live links as they are able to prepare new information.   Each heading will be released as it is available.    You might say we have a mini-celebration with each finished section, because we know how important it is to make these resources available to you.

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