HOt & Cold Therapy

You’ll often find these products in every home first aid or medicine cupboard.   Hot and cold therapy are useful for acute problems such as sports injuries; after dental work; overuse injuries leading to sprains and strains; as well as those more chronic problems such as arthritis or headache.

Cold/Hot Packs

Cold and/or hot packs are compresses that are available in different shapes and sizes.  They are used for treatment of sprains, bumps, bruises, contusions, headaches, muscle stiffness and/or pain.  These compresses are commonly made of a latex free cover that is filled with a non-toxic gel; this design allows the pack to conform to whatever part of the body that needs to be treated.

Cold treatments are typically the initial type of care used and typically in a procedure of 20 minutes on/20 minute off the effected area.  Hot treatments are typically used for the relief of chronic aches and pains.  To have the compress ready for use in a cold treatment, it is recommended to store the pack in the freezer.  For hot treatments either submerge the compress into hot water for 5 minutes or microwave for 45 seconds, check temperature every 20 seconds until the desired level of heat is achieved.  Knead the gel for 1 minute to ensure the heat is distributed through out the compress.

The compress should be handled with care when removing from a heat source and should not be applied directly to the skin of the effected area.  If the user has circulatory problems, the compress should only be used under medical supervision.

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Available in sizes: 5″x 9″, 8″x 11″.

Electric Heating Pads

An electric heating pad is a pad that has special conductive wires through out it that use electricity to heat up.  They are available in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate different parts of the body.  Heating pads typically have a washable, soft fabric cover that is used to protect the skin from direct heat and to keep the pad clean.

There are several heat settings and can be either dry or moist heat.  Heating pads are used to treat and/or soothe muscle and joint pains.  There are many reasons the heating pads are effective, the main reason being the fact that heat encourages blood flow to the area where the heat is applied.

Moist Heat Wraps

Moist heat wraps are a product that is used to apply a deep penetrating, soothing heat directly to the affected area of the body.  There are different brands available, some use a special bead technology and others use a gel pack.  Moist heat wraps are used in the treatment of muscle and joint pain.  There are several styles available to accommodate different areas of the body that are commonly affected by aches and pains.  The more common of these styles are back, neck, sinus, hand, small and/or large sleeves.  Heat wraps often have ties to hold the wrap in place, allowing the freedom to carry on with other activities.

It is important to use the manufactures instructions for use; however, the majority of these products do require a microwave to heat the wraps.  After the wrap is heated apply to the affected area and wear for approximately 30 minute intervals.  If the wrap is properly used and cared for, it is likely that the life of the product will be several years.  To care for the wrap it is important to hand wash it in lukewarm water with a mild soap and then lay flat to dry.

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