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Compounding For Companion Animals

Preparing custom dosage forms for patients has been practiced since the first time someone collected medicinal herbs, crushed them to a powder, to be brewed as a therapeutic tea for an ailment. This became the purview of the pharmacist until commercially prepared dosage forms entered the profession in the 20th century. When dedicated pharmaceutical companies were established to manufacture medications in various dosage forms, this skill and its offering gradually became infrequently used, although never lost or forgotten.

Is There Truth To Full Moon Effects on Behaviour?

The moon has an influence on our planet, many of which we accept or have been verified by science.  This includes the moon’s effects on the tides, without which we’d have no changes in the tide over the course of the day or the month.   The animal world also relies on the Moon for navigation as well as a signal for the changes in the life cycles of some insects, amphibians, reptiles and marine animals.   Many people also believe that the moon’s phases result in significant changes to human behaviour – at least, changes to some humans if not all – and yes, this is still up for debate.

Radon Gas Exposure A Risk for Alberta Residents: U of C Researchers Discover

You’ve heard of read about radiation being a cause of cancer or maybe you’ve only head about radiation in the context of nuclear power, sun spots, nuclear power plants or even science fiction.  No one in Alberta has any concern about radiation exposure and certainly about any radiation exposure as it relates to any hazards …

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Stafford Pharmacy Annual Bake Sale for Alzheimer’s

September 20th, 2018 Bake Sale, 9:00am to 6:00pm All funds collected from the bake sale will be donated to the Alzheimer Society as part of their annual Coffee Break for Alzheimer’s.   Visit us Thursday and help to support Alzheimer’s Research and Treatment. Visit the Alzeheimer Society for information about their Coffee Break fundraiser at:

Zostavax: The Shingles Vaccine & Shingles Protection

Since its approval by Health Canada in 2008, the shingles vaccine (Zostavax®) has been in very high demand even at times becoming unavailable due to manufacturing delays in combination with a demand that may not have been anticipated.  Merck, the company producing Zostavax®, has finally produced enough of the vaccine to fill back orders and …

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