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The following products are found in our convalescence section and would be of value to anyone who is at home recovering from surgery, as just one example or caring for a senior who is physically compromised.   Don’t see what you need, please give us a call, as many items are special order but we would be more than happy to obtain the right product for your needs.

Bed Pan

Bed pans are used for toileting of a bedridden patient, or a patient who can not use a standard toilet. To use the bed pan you place your hand under the patient’s lower back, and help raise the buttocks. Slide bedpan under the patient. Standard bed pans can vary in shapes between different manufacturers. Contoured shape provides added comfort for the user.

Also available is a slipper pan or fracture pan. This differs from a standard bed pan in that it is smaller and flatter. It has a tapered end for easier placement. They are used for individuals with a hip fracture or immediately post operatively when hip flexion is discouraged. They can also be used with children that are bedridden. The capacity of the slipper pan is much smaller than the regular bedpan and can easily be spilled.

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Bed Wedge

Bed wedges are foam wedges that can be used to elevate your head or your legs when needed. They are available in 24” x 24” size and heights of 8, 10 or 12 inches.   Most often they are used to elevate the head to assist breathing and to reduce the discomfort of night time acid reflux. By elevating the head, the acid is less likely to travel up the esophagus creating that uncomfortable burning sensation and awful acid taste in your mouth. It does require some getting used to but is very effective.

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Dental Swabs

Dental swabs are individually wrapped, disposable swabs treated with dentifrice, with a light mint flavor. They have a long plastic handle, with foam on the end which is ridged to get between teeth to remove debris. They are helpful with the removal of mucous build up in the mouth and can be used to prevent dry mouth. Swabs can be used with water or alone.

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Emesis /Kidney Basin

An emesis or kidney basin is a shallow dish that is shaped like a kidney. It is used for washing and irrigating small wounds, or primarily used by bedridden patients for vomiting.

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Heel and Elbow Cushions

Any individual who is debilitated deals with pressure ulcers and skin breakdown.  This can be caused by a fragile skin and a boney frame along with limited mobility. If laying or sitting long periods of time, the heel and elbows can begin to show redness and eventually become very uncomfortable to any pressure. Using a cushion can help to limit and eliminate this problem by providing a protective cushion.

The cushions are available in genuine sheepskin, imitation sheepskin, foam padding in a stockinette, and gel padding inside a stockinette. All are available in velcro adjustable or pre-sized for a better fit.

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Hospital Gowns

Hospital gowns are usually short sleeved, knee length garments worn by patients in hospital or other medical facilities but they are also useful when convalescing at home. The hospital gown has a practical role when an individual is recovering at home and needing daily care.

The gown allows for easy access to the torso for dressing changes, for regular assessments and when giving injections. They are also more convenient if receiving home parenteral therapy, allowing easy access to any central lines.  They are made of fabric that can withstand repeated laundering in hot water.

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Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles come in a variety of thicknesses or grades. The two sides of the hot water bottle allow for less or more heat, as one side is thicker than the other. A hot water bottle is made of rubber which is filled with warm water and sealed with a stopper.   Hot water bottles provide warmth that helps to relieve aches and pains. It is advised if using at bedtime to choose a hot water bottle opposed to a heating pad. Hot water bottles will loose their heat whereas a heating pad may cause burns if left in place when sleeping. It is recommended to cover the hot water bottle with a towel so the rubber is not directly in contact with the skin. It is less likely to burn when at its hottest.

To use a hot water bottle, fill it 3/4 full with warm water (not boiling), squeeze all air out of bag before threading the stopper securely. The bottle will contour better around the effected area.

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Humidifiers and Vaporizers

We are all familiar with vaporizers and humidifiers but what is the difference?  The main difference between the two is the temperature of the mist they release to the air.

Vaporizers usually product a warm mist and are often used when suffering from a sinus or head cold.    The warm mist feel good and it makes us feel better.   There is also the option to add menthol products to the water for an extra medicinal action thru the mist.  Many have small depressions or medicine holders that allow the addition of a vaporizer solution or menthol or camphor containing medicated ointments.   As the steam passes over the medicine holder, the steam vaporizes the volatile oils/ingredients and thereby giving additional benefits to those in that immediate area.

Humidifiers usually are a cool mist that transmits moisture into the room to increase the moisture in the air. This is recommended in the winter months when the air is characteristically dry, if you have chronic sinus problems, frequent nose bleeds due to dry, cracked nasal mucosa.

We recommend using distilled water when filling up your humidifiers or vaporizers. There are different sizes available depending on what your needs are.  It is not uncommon to have both available in your home.

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Invalid Cushions

Invalid cushions or donut cushions are foam cushions with a hole in the centre. They are usually an oblong shape rather than being perfectly round.

They can be used post operatively for any rectal surgeries, following childbirth, or after a coccyx injury. The invalid cushion is effective at reducing pressure point discomfort, by distributing body weight evenly when sitting.

Cushions are made of urethane foam and come with a washable cloth cover. They are convenient for your car, home or workplace, available in 14” 16” and 18” diameter sizes.

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Lemon Glycerin Swabs

Lemon Glycerin Swabs are a plastic applicator with a cotton swab soaked in a lemon glycerin solution. They are used to sooth and refresh dry mouths of patients with restricted oral intake.

They are supplied as 3 per packet and 25 packets per box.

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Medical Sheepskin

What is medical sheepskin? It is real sheepskin used for a variety of medical conditions. It is made of the thickest, most luxurious merino sheepskin imported from Australia. It is truly one of the finest quality wools the world has ever seen.

Anyone who is confined to bed rest or is susceptible to developing pressure ulcers would benefit from using medical sheepskin. Sheepskin protects from the effects of pressure friction which can tear the skin. It rapidly absorbs skin moisture keeping the skin dry and comfortable. It is most effective when there is direct contact between the sheepskin and the user’s skin.

It is available in a variety of products such as bed pads, wheel chair pads, coccyx pads, heel and elbow protectors, slippers and insoles to name a few.

Laundering Instructions:

For effective washing and disinfection, use Skinsan detergent, this has no enzymes, phosphates, peroxide or bleach.   A soiled sheepskin should be immediately rinsed in cold water.   Put through the wash machine rinse cycle to remove any harmful agents.   If this is not done it could cause irreversible damage to the skin.

Machine wash in hot water on gentle cycle for ten minutes and rinse in warm water.

If needing a high level disinfection wash again for 8 minutes (without skinsan) and rinse in cold water.

Spin off any excess water.    Tumble dry on warm setting, avoid over drying. Before leather is fully dry, flex skin vigorously to restore leather softness.

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Orthopedic Pillows and Cushions

Orthopedic pillows and cushions are used to help correct your body’s positioning while sitting or lying down. Having the correct pillow will make a difference in how well you will sleep.

There is a wide variety of different types of pillows available. Most are hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic. Some are made of memory foam material and some are made of environmentally friendly soy. The most important thing is to select a pillow that best meets your needs. Discuss with the retailer you are purchasing the pillow from about their return policy. No one knows how a pillow is going to work unless they sleep on it.

Choosing the proper pillow will depend on your specific sleeping position.

They help relieve conditions such as, acid reflux, neck and back pain, sleep apnea and snoring.

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Pedal Exerciser

The Pedal Exerciser can be used to either exercise the arms or legs. It is ideal for the individual who needs to improve muscle strength and integrity but is still trying to convalesce following surgery or an illness.

To exercise the arms you would simply place on top of table and for legs place on the floor. This helps stimulate leg circulation and tones leg muscles. It has adjustable resistance allowing you to increase the effort as you progress.

The pedal exerciser is made of chrome plated steel, has non-marking anti skid tips and a wide easy grip resistance knob. It is compact and portable for easy storage.

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Sherpa Slippers

Slippers made of soft fleece or quilted material are designed for comfort and warmth. Available in men’s or women’s sizes have an extra large opening and a velcro closure. The bottoms are made of a nonskid vinyl material.

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A urinal is a bottle used to hold urine when it is difficult to get out of bed. It is also used when the urine needs to be measured due an individual’s condition.

Urinals are available in female or male. The one most often seen is the male urinal. It has a smaller opening and may have a lid to close the urinal. The male urinal is also available in a non-spill version, helpful if the person is bedridden.

Female urinals have a wider opening on top that allows for better placement between the legs. Female urinals are not as easy to use as the male versions. The female urinal does require some practice in order to use properly.

Both are made from a durable plastic, they can easily be cleaned using soap and water.

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