A better dosing solution for Lantus (glargine) Insulin Dosing.

  How about an Insulin Pen pre-loaded with Lantus (glargine) insulin, the once daily insulin preferred by many veterinarians.   Availabile in this pre-loaded pen format, where the pen is in fact disposable once the 3ml insulin cartridge is used.  The product is called Lantus SoloSTAR made by Sanofi Aventis, the same manufacturer of the Lantus insulin in 3ml cartridge format and the 10ml multi-use vial.

Why the Lantus SoloSTAR?

As many cat owners have discovered after being initially placed on the Lantus insulin, the insulin dosing can be very, very small units.   In fact, initial doses can be single unit doses which may continue for some time or be titrated up depending on the blood glucose curve that results.  Even after titration, dosing can remain at less than 5 units per day, which makes dosing with the traditional insulin syringe challenging.  The pen allows the owner to accurately “dial up” doses as small as 1 unit and with just the press of the injection button, dose your cat with the confidence that the dosing was accurate.

Safety Test: Dial up 2 units first, and with needle pointed up as shown below, depress the injection button and you should see a drop of insulin.  If not, repeat this process until you get a drop of insulin which should be discarded.  This step is a safety step to remove any tiny air bubbles that might remain in the needle.   The pen is now ready for you to dial the required insulin dose.

The insulin pen also makes this very portable, along with easy to use and if your pet is left with a friend or family, dosing with the pen is very, very easy to teach.  Simply: 1) Attach a new needle and remove outer and inner sleeves; 2) Dial up 2 units and depress the injection button – you should see a drop of insulin at the end of the needle (this is a safety step intended to remove any tiny air bubbles trapped in the needle before use) – repeat this step necessary; 3) Dial the insulin dose; 4) prepare the injection area as you normally do (as well as your patient); and 5) insert and inject by depressing the actuator on the end of the pen.    That’s it, your done and so is “Chester the Cat”.    An additional advantage is the fact that the needle lengths available are from the traditional 12.7mm down to a very short 4mm length.  If that wasn’t enough advantages, because the needle being injected has not had to go through a vial stopper, it is now “first time sharp” which means injection comfort for your feline is the best it can be. There you have it, a new technology that even your cat can enjoy the added benefits from.  An easier to use injection system coupled with a true once daily insulin makes taking care of a diabetic feline much less stressful for everyone – owner and feline alike. For a step by step instruction check this link to the product leaflet: Lantus SoloStar® Step by Step     For more information about Lantus insulin and the pen system:  Lantus SoloSTAR® Any questions about this system come in and speak with the Pharmacist at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare.
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