Are You Ready for a Challenge?

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare is a full service pharmacy with a complete home healthcare department offering a complete selection of products and services.   The home healthcare department is staffed full time with a registered nurse, acting as department manager and two full time home healthcare consultant staff.

Our pharmacy is independently owned and operated, allowing us to focus on those professional areas that are of greatest interest to us.  This includes health outcomes focused professional services such as medication reviews, patient care plans, personalized health consultations and prescription adaptations to name a few.  We encourage pharmacists to pursue any advanced certifications available including certification to administer drugs by injection and advanced prescribing authority.

We have also chosen to specialize in customized dosage forms for both human and animal patients.   We have a long tradition of innovative services focused on the creation of customized solutions to a wide variety of therapeutic problems.   This allows the pharmacist the opportunity to work with the prescriber to create a customized solution for therapeutic problems that require unique formulations that are researched and documented by the pharmacist.   Once developed, the pharmacist must work with technical staff to make certain a final preparation meets strict quality specifications, whether it is a non-sterile or sterile preparation.

Technical staff, both Pharmacist Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians, are involved in every aspect of the pharmacy operation which includes the distribution/dispensing of medications, inventory ordering and management; compliance packaging, medication delivery and the compounding of customized dosage forms.   Here too we encourage technical staff to pursue certification with the Alberta College of Pharmacists, allowing them to take on greater responsibilities and supervision of many technical operations.

We encourage our staff to pursue continued education to improve their own knowledge and skills.   To this end we make every attempt to make available resources that give the pharmacist and the technical staff the ability to research patient queries, solve therapeutic problems or simply to better understand disease processes or new drug therapy available.  We make use of and rely on technologies as much as possible and have incorporated both hardware and software innovations serving as additional staff tools.

If you are the pharmacist, pharmacist assistant or pharmacy technician who might be looking for a unique professional opportunity, a learning environment and a place to be constantly challenged, consider submitting your resume to Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare for any vacancies that you might be qualified for.

The following positions when available will offer live links to descriptions of the positions being offered as well as contact information:

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