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Bath Seat

A bath seat is used during a shower or bath when a person is physically compromised in any way. A bath seat allows a person to sit down during their bath or shower and makes getting up from a seated position easier. When used in combination with other bath room aides, can help to limit the number of accidents and injuries which may occur during one’s daily bathroom routine.

Bath seats are available with or with out a back. The back on the bath seat provides added stability for those who have diminished trunk stability and require additional support.  Bath seats do come in a fixed or adjustable height and will have different shaped seats. It is important to consider how it will fit into your tub or shower, ensuring it is stable.

Bath seats are typically built with a metal rust resistant base and a plastic seat.  Some bath seats come with handles or armrests, foam seats and/or perineal cut out.  When determining the correct height to set the bath seat, the clients’ height, range of motion and comfort should be taken into consideration.

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Bath Tub Safety Rail

The bath tub safety rail is used to provide added stability when getting in and out of the bathtub for anyone that experiences weakness or instability but wishes to maintain independence during their bathing routines.  They should not be used to support the full weight of the user.    A bath tub safety rail can be used in combination with other bathing aides or on its own to help limit the number of accidents that may happen in the bathroom.

There are several styles of bath tub safety rails to accommodate many users’ different requirements.  They all clamp on the outside wall of the tub and typically have adjustment knobs that allow for a tool free installation.  There are also different styles available with multiple gripping surfaces to allow for different types of movement.  All of the types of tub safety rails have easy clean surfaces either coming in a chrome finish or a heavy plastic.

When installing the tub safety rail, the positioning is key to providing the most effective and safe access to the bath tub.  The user’s mobility and other bathing aides need to be taken into account as well as the location in relation to the taps.  The surface where the rail is being installed needs to be clean and dry in order to provide the most stability.  It is recommended to test the stability of the device by either pushing or pulling on the rail. There should be no movement of the tub safety rail.   If it is installed properly it should remain firmly in place.  Take care not to tighten the rail too much as it will cause the tub to crack. Most bath tub safety rails are not recommended for fiberglass tubs as they can easily crack.

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Hand Held Shower

A handheld shower is a shower head that is on a long hose that allows the user to shower while seated.  It helps maintain safety if showering independently or to provide a caregiver with an easier way of helping a person to bathe.

Use of the hand held shower is made easy by simple on/off buttons and easy turn dial to adjust the spray of the nozzle.  Installation does not require the use of any tools and comes with a shower hook.  They are made up a corrosion resistant, stainless steel hose and plastic head.

AquaSense® Hand Held Shower Spray

Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seats are used to raise the toilet to a comfortable and safe level, this makes it easier to sit down and get up for a user that has compromised mobility.   Raised toilet seats come in varying heights and styles.  In order to choose the most suitable height the user’s height, physical limitations, comfort and shape of toilet should be taken into account.  It is important that the raised toilet seat is properly installed according to manufacturer’s instructions and regularly checked to ensure the safety of the user.  Most raised toilet seats are easily removed and made of mostly a hard plastic, making cleaning easy.

Other options available on a raised toilet seats range from arms, splash guards, lids and hygiene cut outs to different types of locking mechanisms and seat styles.   Also available is a raised toilet seat that is installed under your existing toilet seat and is available in either a round or elongated shape.  A toilevator is a similar product and is used to raise the overall height of the toilet.  It is installed under the toilet and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

3-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat, by AquaSense®Image result for aquatec raised toilet seat 90000Toilet Seat Risers with Hinge, by AquaSense®Toilet Seat Riser, by AquaSense®, in bathroom12038-3Image result for aquatec raised toilet seat 90000


Rubber Mats

A rubber mat adheres to the bottom of the shower with numerous suction cups to provide a safe, non slip surface to stand or sit on in the shower.  They are contoured to ensure that the drain is not blocked.  They are machine washable and antimicrobial for a clean, family friendly surface.

Bath Mat with Invigorating Massage ZonesAquaSense® Bath mat

Toilet Armrests

Toilet Armrests are rails that are attached to the toilet that provide support to the user when getting on and off of the toilet. They make it safer for anyone who has diminished or limited mobility and needs additional stability to help maintain their independence.  They are adjustable by height and width to accommodate a range of users and their toilets.  Toilet armrests are easy to assemble and install.

Adjustable Toilet Safety Rails, by AquaSense®

Transfer Tub Seat

A transfer tub seat is used when there is difficulty to maneuver in and out of the tub.  A transfer tub seat allows a person to sit down on the outside of the bathtub and slide their legs over the edge and then to sit during their shower. This helps to limit the number of accidents and injuries which may occur during a bathing. They are rated to hold 250lbs., if heavier it is recommended to use a bariatric product.

Transfer tub seats are available with a back and handle that are reversible to accommodate either side entry (right or left).  They are also height adjustable to accommodate a range of users and bathtubs.  The transfer tub seats are typically built with rust-resistant aluminum frame and a plastic seat.  They also have large slip resistant rubber safety tips both inside and outside the bathtub for added security.

 Bathtub Transfer Bench, by AquaSense®

Wall Grab Bars

Wall grab bars can be attached to any wall where extra stability is needed. The wall bars are available in a chrome finish with a knurled texture so the user can grip better and be more secure.  The bars are 12”, 16”. 18”, 24”, 32”, 36” length as well as a L or J configuration.

The wall grab bars are usually installed in the bathroom either in the bath tub or by the toilet. It is recommended to use a 24” length bar and angle it at about a 45 degree angle.  The individual grabs the wall bar and moves up the bar as they stand up from the tub or toilet. We recommend having a wall grab bar and a bath tub safety rail on either side of the tub for extra stability getting in and out of the tub. If angled properly, the 24” bar will make hitting 16” studs possible. The flange on the bar is movable so it can be adjusted to accommodate installation needs.

There are also wall grab bars available that suction to the wall. These would be used when needed only temporarily such as during travel or when you may be moving soon. The surface the wall bar is attaching to must be clean and dry to ensure good contact. Some bars come with an indicator that tells you the bar is secure.

1268Rotating Flanges Grab Bar, by AquaSense®, installed on bathroom wall


Need more product  information, drop in and talk to one of our home healthcare consultants, who will be glad to help you make the bathroom safe again.

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