Cherries for Gout

If you are suffering from recurring gout attacks, cherries may be able to help!  Cherries contain powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are dietary substances that prevent damage to your body and repair oxidative damage. For example, when you cut a piece of apple and leave if on the counter it experiences oxidative damage and turns brown. However, if you coat the cut apple in orange juice (which contains the anti-oxidant vitamin C) it will remain white.

Many studies have shown that cherries reduce inflammation and pain associated with gout attacks. Consuming cherries can also reduce the number and frequency of gout attacks by decreasing the amount of uric acid circulating in your blood.

The daily consumption of 20-40 fresh cherries, ½ a can of canned cherries or 4 ounces of concentrated tart cherry juice may help to prevent gout attacks. Additionally, the consumption of cherries is safe for everyone and won’t interact with any medications.

In addition to preventing gout attacks, eating cherries can be a part of a healthy diet. Canada’s food guide recommends that adults consume ~8 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Twenty cherries count as 1 serving of fruit! For more information on Canada’s Food guide visit:

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