Proper Inhaler Technique for Better Asthma Control

There are now multiple different styles of asthma inhalers on the market, and each requires a different inhalation technique for proper use.  Having one or more styles of inhalers can make using each one a little more challenging for anyone including those managing asthma for many years.

How do you use your inhaler? Did you know that proper inhaler technique is essential for your asthma control?   Clinical research has established that patients with good inhaler techniques have much better control over their asthma.

If you answered YES to any of the questions on the 30 second asthma test (posted earlier) , you may not be using your inhaler correctly. If this is the case we invite you to bring your inhalers into the pharmacy to go over technique and discuss your asthma control.  In fact, if you have asthma you may be eligible to receive one-on-one consultations with one of our pharmacists, a benefit with your Alberta Health Care coverage.  To set up an appointment to discuss your asthma control, speak with a member of our pharmacy team in person, or phone (403) 320-6500 ext 1 today!

We can also test to measure your ability to use particular inhalers since the demands of each type of device are quite different.  The traditional aerosol inhaler requires less effort than say the diskhaler or turbihaler, which are considered to be “breath activated” inhaler devices.   It has been discovered that some patients are not able to inhale the powdered dose delivered by the diskhaler,  which means those patient may not be receiving the full benefits of the drug therapy.  Logically, a change to a more appropriate inhaler device will result in a much improved benefit from the drug therapy.  Sometimes it is those little details that make all the difference.

Our pharmacists are here to help you to ensure you have the best asthma control and receive the most benefit from your drug therapy regimen no matter what it involves.   Speak with one of our pharmacists today if you would like to learn how to better control your asthma.  You might also ask about how a peak flow meter used regularly can help to better manage asthma, offering a measurable diagnostic to help asthmatics decide when its best to adjust dosing of inhaled medicines such as bronchodilators and steroid anti-inflammatories.  Where medications are the tools used to treat asthma, the results, the benefits are a result of using those tools the best way that we know how.

Think about this as working to reach the best health outcomes.  Eliminate night time use of bronchodilators,  reduce or eliminate acute flare ups and prevent secondary respiratory infection along with an improved quality of life are all health outcomes that are reasonable to set as goals.  A combination of the best medications, disease management tools, and the best information about asthma control,  to help you reach your health outcome goals.

Call us at (403) 320-6500 extension/option 1 to speak with a pharmacist or pharmacy technician who can arrange a time for you to speak with a pharmacist one on one, without interruption,  focused on you and the management of your asthma.    Until there is a cure, there is a pharmacist ready to help you.

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