Minor Face Lift

For those of you who regularly drop by to see what’s new, thank you.    We appreciate your loyalty and your sincere interest in what we bring to the internet community.

And a community it certainly is.  What with Facebook user numbers creeping ever so much closer to a billion, it’s hard to believe there are any people going out to the mall or to a movie or any social gathering that takes them away from places like Facebook.    Yet of course, there are the “Smart Phones” that bring all that connectivity to the handheld device.    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and more, all available to the masses as they wander down the streets of our towns and cities.

What with all these eyes browsing the internet it is certainly a challenge to keep a “fresh face” on and to continue the content improvements that make a site like this of value, if only measured by the number of people who bookmark the site or just a page or two within the site.   Not to fear, we are doing both and have been fortunate to have a creative hardworking in-house crew.   We have recently updated the top of page banner to reflect the season and as a result of my own whining and whimpering have recently convinced our website architect, Jesse Johnstone to make some behind the scenes changes that might allow us to make it much easier to make certain updates to the website.

Although what I’ve referred to as our “minor face lift” refers to the look and presentation of the site, the real “heavy lifting” is being done behind the scenes with the addition of content and new pages.  We are diligently adding new pages to the Home Healthcare section although because of the size of our home healthcare product inventory, it will take the next few months to just add the product categories as we have outlined in our main home healthcare page.   However, the really large project is still hidden from sight until we are ready to launch, which will take the better part of the next year.  In the meantime we continue to make improvements to areas such as:

  • Compounding for both human and veterinary patients
  • Home Healthcare product sections
  • Frequently Asked Questions – maybe you’ll find a question that you know you wanted to ask but didn’t.  Now you can find the answer as well.
  • Valuable links – to health related sites, organizations, reliable resources
  • Homeopathy – get an understanding of this powerful, yet safe complementary medicine
  • Newsletter archives
  • Video library

Drop by from time to time to see the incremental change and the reveal of information as we make available some of the expertise that we have accumulated over the past twenty-six years.   On that note, I’ll just remind everyone to sign up for our monthly newsletter which is written in-house and distributed both in the store as well as right to your e-mail but you have to subscribe to this.  Don’t be left out, subscribe today.

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