Patient Care

Yes, we refer to you as our patient and we
are working with you and your physician to
achieve the best positive health outcome.

Home Healthcare

Having access to a good variety of product is
certainly important, but having the knowledge,
the expertise is even better.

Do We Compound?

We certainly do! A product that is not
commercially available or not made
in the dosage form you need?

Companion Care

Our companion animals are like a member of the
family. Like any member of the family they should
receive the same attention & quality of care.

Customized Dosage

"Extemporaneous compounding" : the creation
of custom dosage forms from basic ingredients.

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Patient Focused Care

Whether it is preventative health, health maintenance or possibly acute care of health related problems. We have gathered a broad spectrum of healthcare options and we hope that with the feedback from our patients, our customers we will continue to make this site better.

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We offer customized solutions for those therapeutic problems that just do not have an off the shelf solution. 

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Home Healthcare

Our home healthcare division has always focused on your health and well being.


Professional Services

This term not only describes our empathy for our patients but also our activity within the broader context of healthcare.

Our Pharmacy Services

Never settle for less when it comes to your healthcare. At Stafford Pharmacy and Home Healthcare, your health is always our top priority. We are committed to providing superior services and solutions to help improve and maintain an optimum quality of living.
Some of our pharmacy services include:
• Consultations
• Medication Reviews
• Chronic Disease Management
• Prescription Home Delivery
• Prescription Compounding
• Seasonal Influenza Vaccine
• Adult Immunizations
Enhance the health of yourself and your loved ones with the superior services available at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare. To learn more about the services available at our Lethbridge pharmacy, speak with one of our pharmacists today.

Living a Healthy Life

Live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle with the right products and care.

Vitamins & Supplements

When the focus is maintaining health and/or wellness, you need to use slightly different tools. That is why nutritional supplements, such as vitamins and minerals, amino acids, Omega 3, 6 or 9 fatty acids, and trace minerals are all being used to supplement current dietary needs, in addition to being used as a therapeutic agent.
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Pharmachoice Health Advice

Looking for answers? Information about a health condition? Reliable information about a new medication? Or considering a natural product as complementary or alternative therapy for a health problem? Here is where you will find reliable information to help you get started.
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Home Care Solutions

Our home healthcare division has always focused on your health and well being. It is not enough to simply provide a product. We recognize the importance of understanding different medical conditions and providing the most appropriate product for your needs.
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Our Mission

Our family business has one mission: to improve the health outcomes of you and your loved ones. With comprehensive services like consultations, medication reviews, chronic disease management, and vaccines and immunizations, we make certain that the best care is offered to you and your loved ones in everyday living. We’re known for having the largest selection of in-pharmacy compression stockings, both non-compression and therapeutic compression. With years of experience, our pharmacy offers a complete package of products and services for the modern healthcare consumer and practitioner.

Our Legacy

Since 1985, Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare has provided the city of Lethbridge with trusted and reliable healthcare solutions. In fact, our pharmacy and home healthcare centre is the largest in Southern Alberta. We are committed to providing each and every person who walks through our doors with guidance and support, helping them achieve an optimum quality of living. With nearly 35 years of experience, we have built a strong reputation throughout Lethbridge for superior services, exceptional customer service and affordable prices.

Meet the Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare Team

Visit Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare

To learn more about our wide range of products and services, visit our Lethbridge pharmacy today.

Save More, Get More

Did you know that purchasing Option+ products earns you even more Perks rewards? It’s true! Our Perks Rewards program is a great way to save money on all of your favourite health and wellness products. Option+ products earn you extra points on top of the ones that you already get, helping you to accumulate rewards faster and save you even more money!
*Products shown may not be available at all PharmaChoice pharmacies and are subject to availability. Please check with your local pharmacist.

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