Happy New Year from all of us at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare

January 1, 2014.   That means we made it through another year!   A year older with a few more wrinkles, a few more worry lines and for some, more grey hair.    A challenging year for many in southern Alberta, but one in which we discovered the true spirit of Albertans.  There is no doubt that 2013 will be in the history books with some special notes attached.  We had to say to good bye to some special people in 2013, leaving others to continue their good work.

We should all celebrate the successes of the past year and look to 2014 with a mixture of optimism, excitement and hope.  It’s an absolutely exciting time to be living in, with the advances in every area of science and technology, including the medical sciences are absolutely amazing and continue to move, to accelerate at a rate that is unprecedented in human history.  This is one of the key reasons we write our Blog and Newsletter for our website regulars and subscribers.  We hope the information we share with you each month does help in some way, if only to keep you the reader,  just ahead of this rush of changes in the healthcare arena.  We again invite you to send us suggestions for topics that are of particular interest and/or of specific need to make sense of your care or that of someone close to you.

We are looking  forward to 2014 and will continue to do our best to share with you the information that we think will make a difference to your health, both mind and body.  We have some exciting plans for the services and the products that will be offered both in the pharmacy and through our website, including the continued expansion of Stafford Footcare to include more home healthcare products.   Be sure to mark your stop at http://www.staffordpharmacy.com as your favourite.

From all of us at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare we wish you health, happiness and success, in the New Year.




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