February Mortar & Pestle Focuses on Cough & Cold Medications

We just finished wishing everyone a Happy New Year; celebrated Orthodox Christmas and New Year and even fit in the Chinese New Year – the Year of the Horse!  All of this happened in January of this new year, 2014.

February has arrived which means that Ground Hog day near.  Another day where we look for the predictions of the various Canadian and American buck toothed, squinty eyed,  burrowing mammals!  It is also the prestigious release of the February edition of the Mortar & Pestle Newsletter!   This month’s issue written by Jessica Pyrch, our 4th year Pharmacy practicum student from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Pharmacy who’s issue was reviewed by our own Clinical Pharmacists Jaclyn Katelnikoff, also her preceptor and Pete Christensen.   Jessica and Jaclyn have focused on Cough and Cold Medications, the hazards associated with the many possible adverse effects and also the difficulties faced in making intelligent choices when treating children’s cold symptoms.

To round out this discussion is an article on the increasingly popular “Neti Pot”, which has quickly gained a large following of satisfied consumers.  That’s all I will say but encourage you to read the February issue which is posted on our website at www.staffordpharmacy.com/patient-resources/newsletter-archive/ .    Don’t forget that you can subscribe to the electronic version of the newsletter, which we deliver right to your e-mail inbox every month.  Always written by our own very qualified and experienced Pharmacy staff giving you the confidence that this information you can rely on and look to be your authority on many health issues.



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