All About Ebola: December’s Newsletter Topic

It’s been in the news, you’ve heard people talking about it, and it is enough to really frighten a lot of people.  Partly because we really don’t know that much about this viral infection here in Canada, because up until now it has never been a concern to those living anywhere but parts of West Africa.  Yet, for years experts have been saying that diseases such as Ebola are just an airplane ride away from spreading to anywhere and everywhere in North America.  Not only that but those who have gone to help battle the disease and to lend a hand in the care of those infected by the virus, have also fallen victim to this infection.

Yes, Ebola is a deadly disease spread by a virus which is highly contagious and for this reason we must take the threat of this disease in Canada and the United States, very seriously.   It is spread by body fluids of those infected by the disease including blood, saliva, urine and vomit, as the best examples.  It is NOT an airborne virus and therefore cannot be spread by one person breathing the air of an infected individual.

It is one disease that will test our infection control measures in hospitals as well as communities.   Public Health officials have also found that education about the disease, about infection control is also a key weapon in the fight to contain the disease.  With this in mind, this month’s article serves to arm you with at least a basic understanding of the disease.   In this way, you can be part of the battle against this disease by arming yourself with the right information.    This knowledge will help reduce the unnecessary stress and worry about Ebola, caused mainly by a simple lack of understanding.

Come into the light.  Become informed!  Read more in the December issue of The Mortar & Pestle.

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