When you think about your health, do you think about your feet?

When we think about our health, we generally don’t consider how are feet are feeling.   However, your feet can tell you a lot about your health. May is World Foot Health Awareness month, and Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare is celebrating by helping you learn about your feet!

Most people are born with healthy feet; however as we age, ~75% of people will develop serious foot problems.   Foot problems are most common in seniors and those with diabetes and arthritis. Keeping your feet healthy is essential to maintaining an independent lifestyle.

Here are some basic foot care tips to help you avoid problems:

  • Check your feet everyday – Take a few minutes to look for any damage (cuts, blisters, redness etc.)
  • Wash your feet every day – Use warm water and soak them for less than 10 minutes. Dry well.
  • Keep your feet soft and smooth – Use an unscented cream all over your feet to prevent drying and cracking of skin.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and socks – Poorly fitting, inadequately supportive shoes can cause foot problems.
  • Be active every day – Walking is the best way to keep you and your feet healthy!
  • Take care of your toenails – Cut or file your nails regularly with proper nail care tools. Trim them straight across and never shorter than the end of your toe.

Foot pain is not normal. If you are experiencing pain or difficulty with your feet, speak with a member of our Home Healthcare team today.   They have specialized knowledge and skills in the area of foot care and can help you maintain happy and healthy feet!

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