Website Re-Launch Celebrates 25 Years

Welcome to the new look, just in time to say we’ve succesfully finished our twenty fifth year of business.  We formally opened our doors the morning of July 15, 1985 as a 970 sq ft community pharmacy.   Since then we have increased our physical presence to now include just under 4000 sq ft with our home healthcare department becoming a major focus as well the preparation of customized dosage forms, complementary medicines and a philosophy that is best described as a concern for achieving positive health outcomes.    And this is because we are serious about your health and feel that we can have a substantial impact on the improvement of your health outcomes. 

What does that mean?  Well, it means we bring to bear all that we have available to us here in the community to help our patients, in the comfort of their own home.    After all,  hospitals are a great place for us to effectively diagnose and treat all manner of acute illness.   It’s where we can focus all the specialized knowledge, the skill sets, the technologies and within the confines of this healthcare complex.   But if you’re a human, and if your reading this I know you are, you will heal a lot better at home.   Where you have the comforts of your own bed, your own big comfy chair and your family and friends for support.

What you will also need along with a good support system, are the products and services that will allow you to stay at home.   That may mean drug therapy, that may mean special wound care dressings, that may mean crutches or just a cane and elastic  bandages.   This is where we come on the scene.   And in the past fifteen years we have been given access to all manner of specialized products that were previously “hospital only” access.   That means we can bring to the community, to your home those things that allow us to say with confidence, that you can comfortably and safely, provide the best of healthcare in the home. 

For this reason we have seen the need to overhaul our website so that we can better deliver to you, in the comfort of your home or office or standing in line at the bank (via smartphone), the information about the products and services we have brought together over the past 25 years, to better serve your HOME HEALTHCARE needs.  

Our site will continue to grow, and we will continue to do as we have in the past, which is to also provide general health related information or links to such information that will allow you to explore as many options as you feel are needed to look after you and your family’s healthcare.    We are already continuing our work to expand the existing menu, in the depth of information as well as the breadth.  

Please take the time to snoop, sign up for our newsletter and be sure to also download a copy of our previous year’s (2010) newsletter that are available in our archives.   That will give you a sample of the topics that will be explored in this coming year.   We try to take from our daily interactions with patients and practitioners the problems that we are asked to solve, as well the health related questions posed each day, right here at the corner of Stafford Drive and St. Edward Blvd. North in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

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