The Healing Powers of Hazelwood

The use of hazelwood jewellery to ease the pain of teething pain has dramatically increased in the last few years as mother’s look for natural remedy’s to treat their baby’s aches and pains. The practice of using hazelwood for teething pain began when ancient First Nation’s people placed wood chips on their baby’s necks to relieve their teething pains. Now, hazelwood is used to make jewelry such as necklaces or anklets that can be worn 24 hours a day to ease pain.

How does hazelwood work?

Hazelwood is an alkaline wood, that helps neutralize the body’s acidity through direct contact with the skin.   In order for the jewelry to work, it must be touching the skin, not clothes.   Therefore, the more hazelwood in contact with your skin, the better it works.   Therefore a necklace would be more effective than an anklet.   However, if you are treating arthritis pain in your left leg, an anklet on that leg may be more suitable.

What can hazelwood be used for?

Hazelwood isn’t just for teething babies!  The following conditions are associated with an increase in your body’s acidity and may be helped when hazelwood jewelry is worn:  heart burn, digestion, migraines, arthritis, and skin problems such as eczema or diaper rash.

How long does a piece of jewelry last for?

The hazelwood will absorb acidity for anywhere from 3-6 months. You can tell if you need to replace your necklace if symptoms start returning. Also, the edges of the wooden beads will become darkened.

If you think you or a loved one may benefit from the healing powers of hazelwood speak with one of our staff members about our selection of hazelwood jewelry today!   Offering a safe, alternative approach to the treatment of many conditions that we feel are appropriate for self treatment.

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