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Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy for Menopause & Andropause

From time to time to stumble on a book or two that just hits the mark whether it be a reference for our own use or one that takes a complex subject, such as menopause in this case, and explains it in a way that makes the subject understandable.   Well, this is one book in it’s second edition, that we have recommended to both women and men.  Why men, well for two reasons actually.  One, to better understand what their spouse is going through and to better understand that “change of life” in a way that will allow men to be “intelligently supportive”.   Second reason is because there is a new chapter in the book about “male menopause” or “Andropause”, because men do go through some hormone changes that have for years gone ignored.  Well, no more guys, there are hormone changes that occur during that fifth and sixth decade of life that are significant and can make the difference between good health and disease.   So, with that in mind here is our recommendation and it comes with our highest recommendation.

You’ve Hit Menopause: Now What?  Simple Steps to Restoring Hormone Balance; 2nd Edition; by Dr. George Gillson MD,PhD, Tracey Marsden B.Sc.Pharm; November 2004; 136page; ISBN 0-9732962-0-8

An excellent book written by Dr. Gillson, who is the medical director of Rocky Mountain Analytical Labs in Calgary, Alberta, and Tracey Marsden, a pharmacist also on staff at Rocky Mountain Labs.  This book has become a must read for anyone who is serious about Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).  It is a relatively easy read, despite the technical discussions, which are important to the understanding of this treatment choice.  The 136 pages cover basic physiology, how hormones work, what happens in menopause, and why BHRT makes sense.  For women considering an alternative to traditional HRT, this book will quickly put things into perspective.  Since the authors are Canadian, the information is specific to the Canadian marketplace, making it much more relevant to Canadians trying to become informed about BHRT.   For those who have heard Dr. Gillson lecture, his easy to understand style is carried over to this book, making it an enjoyable read on a very important subject.  Definitely a five star recommendation.  Read an extract from the book – Chapter One.  This book can be ordered through Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare directly.  Call us at (403) 320-6500 or 1-800-320-1260

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