PharmaSmart PS-2000 Blood Pressure Monitor with SmartCard Technology

Hypertension is by far the largest risk factor for heart disease, stroke and kidney diseases. Over 1.5 billion people suffer from hypertension worldwide and the WHO has identified hypertension as the top cause of CVD related deaths. Yet awareness about hypertension is very poor among the public. Nearly 50% of Canadians who are hypertensive are not aware of their condition.   To help raise awareness and to assist patients who are monitoring their high blood pressure we have upgraded our in-pharmacy blood pressure monitor to the PharmaSmart PS-2000 with Smart Card technology.

How does the Smart Card work?

The PharmaSmart blood pressure Smart Card includes a memory chip, which means it “remembers” your previous blood pressure readings. This allows you to track your blood pressure readings over time. The information on your smart card is private and confidential.  Ask your pharmacist about obtaining your personal blood pressure Smart Card.

What do I need to know about the Blood Pressure Kiosk?

The PharmaSmart PS-2000 kiosk allows you to reliably track your blood pressure over time. If you use a personal Smart Card, the Kiosk will print out the average of your last 10 blood pressure and pulse readings, along with the date of each reading. It will also provide an average of your most recent 10 readings. This printed report can be shared with loved ones or your health care providers to help better manage your health.

What is the on-line Blood Pressure Tracker™?

PharmaSmart’s Blood Pressure Tracker™ web portal allows you to access all of your Smart Card readings on-line. It also makes it easy for you to share your personal Blood Pressure Tracker™ page with your loved ones or healthcare provider.  Like the PharmaSmart kiosk and the Smart Card, the Blood Pressure Tracker™ portal is easy to use, and 100% confidential.

Think of our new PS-2000 as a new powerful tool  to help you to monitor, manage and take action in your as part of an overall strategy  to prevent tissue and organ damage as a result of high blood pressure.   There is no one tool that best manages hypertension but along with all the tools and strategies available to control and/or reduce high blood pressure such as diet & exercise, stress reduction, and prescribed drug therapy the PS-2000 automatic blood pressure device is a great addition.

We’re convinced that once you’ve given this a try, you will agree.    There is no charge for the use of the blood measurement device,  just as we have always offered.   There is a small charge of $5.00 each, for your own personal smart card which contains a small memory chip that can record up to 30 blood pressure measurements.   Once purchased, this card is yours to keep and we strongly suggest that it be kept in a safe place since the data contained is private and confidential, no different than you might consider your credit information or financial records.   Your personal SmartCard also gives you your own access code that gains you entry to the PharmaSmart website where  your data is accumulated and analyzed by the web based software.   The website address can be accessed from any computer or smart device (tablet, smartphone, etc.) that has internet access.   

Come and visit Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare to get your smart card today.

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