Newsletter Archives, Pharmacist Awareness Month & 30 Year Anniversary

The March issue of our newsletter, The Mortar & Pestle is available on our site, as well as previous issues.  This month’s issue discusses Travel Medicine, new supplements from SISU and in recognition that March is Pharmacist Awareness Month across Canada, a focus on Pharmacist’s professional services.  Pharmacists across Canada are quickly moving away from being the dispenser of medications and instead focusing on services meant to help consumers gain maximum benefit from all drug therapies while at the same time minimizing any negatives associated with that drug therapy.

While you’re there check out previous issues.  Collectively they represent a treasure trove of topics that are focused on helping all consumers gain better use of all medicinal agents whether they are traditional pharmaceuticals or the not so traditional nutraceuticals.   You can also find out about products and treatments such as ‘light therapy’ a recognized approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or compression therapy and more home healthcare topics.

We try to give readers a mix of articles focused on disease management, prevention, new products and pharmacist services that are current and topical.  We’ve often included hot topics such as our review of the recent Ebola outbreak, giving you facts not hype, so you can be informed and not alarmed.

We continue to use questions that we get in the pharmacy from patients as future topics and ask readers of our newsletter and blog to please send us your topic requests.  Let us know what you want to see in our newsletters and blog articles.  Tell us what information is most important, what questions need answers or what health issues matter most to you and your family and/or your friends.

This venture has always been a partnership.  You share with us what answers you need and we share the expertise of our pharmacists, our nurse and our technical staff.  That’s how it has worked for 30 years!

Oh yes, 2015 is our 30th year in business and we’re all pretty excited about that.   Officially, it was July 15, 1985 when with the support of family and friends, we opened the doors of Stafford Pharmacy.   Just 980 sq. ft. of everything that you would expect in a community pharmacy.   And thanks to many, many loyal customers and the support from the community which includes not just the city of Lethbridge but southern Alberta , we are still here 30 years later.

Thank you for taking time to read our postings and if you can help us make these topics relevant to the community we serve, well we like to think we all help each other.   And thank you for the past 30 years.  I want to say it’s been a great 30 years and in many ways it has.   More accurately though it’s been an experience – a dream come true interrupted by regular nightmares – and an opportunity to gain the trust and support from some of the best people on the planet.   I’ll leave it at that for now.

Igor Shaskin B.Sc.(Pharm), RPh., B.Mgt.
Clinical Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager/Co-Owner
Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare

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