New Product Spotlight: ‘Okeeffe’s Working Hands’ Hand Cream

We have an amazing new product for our dry weather!  O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream has arrived just in time to rescue those dry and cracked hands!

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands is a unique formulation of moisturizing ingredients guaranteed to improve dry skin.   Tackling severely dry skin from a moisture-based approach was a natural tactic: Parched, barren earth needs water.  The same goes for rough, dry skin.  This formulation is completely odorless, non-greasy and makes a noticeable difference in skin condition in days!

Since we have placed this product on our shelves we’ve had the opportunity to recommend it to a wide variety of our customers and the feedback has been consistently positive.  Yes, there are many other very good moisturizers on the shelf but to find one that not only moisturizes dry, damaged skin but also allows you to use it and continue your work, whatever it might be, is uncommon.   After applying the cream the very first time you’ll notice the unique properties of the formulation that immediately moisturizes the roughest hands yet does not leave your ‘working hands’ greasy and slippery unable to grab a pen or tool or instrument.

In addition, this protection lasts even in between hand washings which is certainly where any such product really see’s a challenge.   We at the pharmacy can certainly vouch for that in our own dispensary and compounding lab.   We are continually washing our hands and using alcohol based hand sanitizer, but O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream continues to protect and moisturize which allows any skin roughness or even cuts to heel under this protective barrier.

O’Keefe’s is positive you’ll love it! In fact they offer an unconditional money back guarantee!

Get yours at Stafford Pharmacy today!

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