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Announcing  New Feature Page “The Prescription Pad”

Those who follow our blog or Subscribe to our Newsletter know that in the past two years we have covered a wide range of topics.  Everything from why your prescription has refills to Lyme Disease.    We’ve given you tips about how to prevent colds and flu;  explained the parts of your prescription – a legal document as well as a communication from your physician or dentist to the pharmacist;  you’ve been given the insight into the use and benefits of many nutrients  such as Calcium, Vitamin K1, Co-enzyme Q10, and Vitamin B12 to name a few.   All of these topics are current; of interest to a wide audience and and as usual written with attention to accuracy of information, so you know you can trust the source of information.

Content Added

It’s important to note that many of the topics will be posted un-edited from the original article.   However, we will be updating the content of as many articles as possible to deliver more details, to expand on the original article as well as to make sure the information is still accurate and reflecting current thinking on the subject.    We are working to make this YOUR reference site for practical, reference quality health related information.   The addition of these pages, will bring a large amount of content that we know will be of interest to readers.


One last ingredient for a successful website is YOU the visitor, the occasional visitor, the Newsletter subscriber, the accidental browser.    Please give us your feedback, your comments and most important, your information needs.   This site has to be useful; a go to site for information;  a bookmarked favourite.   Help us make it just that.   Send your comments to

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