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We’ve just finished adding a new page to our website and personally am very excited by the addition.   We have taken our current offering of television commercial spots and displayed them on our website under the heading of “About” .     So, if you nagivate to:  you will find several video selections that include a 30 second introduction to “Compounding”, another that for many people is their first introduction to “Customized Dosage Forms for Veterinary Medicine”.   In that particular video clip, you will meet “Nova” our seven year old, pure bred, German Shepherd female who is being treated with some of our “doggie” flavoured treats, one of several unique dosage forms that we prepare for companion animals.   

Other dosing options may simply be a beef flavoured suspension for a medication that otherwise is not available or just not very palatable for your furry member of the family.    So for your dog we might flavour with beef or liver or chicken; and for your cat it might be fish flavour such as Tuna, Salmon or a combination.   We even have a “ham” flavour for the discriminating canine or feline.   You can start to appreciate the options available.   In fact, we now have flavoured oral capsules that will be used to incorporate an animal’s medication, as we find that the taste of a medication actually begins with the “smell” of that oral dosage form.

The selection of video clips also includes an excellent series on “Compression Therapy” explained by Laura Shaskin our on staff Registered Nurse and the person in charge of our Home Healthcare department.   There are in fact SIX video clips discussing different aspects of Compression Therapy, from general introduction, to support stockings and on to compression sleeves for the treatment of post-surgical edema.   As well, in two of the video clips you will see and hear Laura introduce some of the Post-Mastectomy fitting services that we provide.   Although any fitted product must be done so professionally and accurately, this is especially true for Post-Mastectomy fittings.   As Laura explains, if properly fit no one should know that a women is wearing a breast prosthesis and that is exactly the goal for every fitting done for any post-mastectomy product.  

You are invited to visit and experience this new feature.    We think you will enjoy the feature and invariably everyone learns something new that they did not know before whether it be about a product or service we offer or even a little valuable background information about the topic being discussed.  We hope to add to our selection and already have plans for the use of video to better inform our customers, our patients about products; about services offered; and the information that better helps you gain the most benefits from those products and services that you receive from us.

Special thank you to our project partners:

  • CTV and CFCN Lethbridge
  • Jesse Johnstone (Web design)
  • Video actors and patients: Carissa, Deanna, Andrew Shaskin  and  “Nova”
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