Monthly Newsletter Feature: “The Mortar & Pestle”

The Mortar & Pestle

We are the first to admit that you are probably inundated with health information from all different sources.   There may even be some that you subscribe to, that you pay for, along with those that are “FREE” or at least appear to be free.   With that knowledge, do you really need another health or drug related newsletter?   Our answer is a simple, “Yes you do”.   That is, you need at least one that you know is accurate; that is current; that is written by professional people who are knowledgeable on the topics and quite possibly the most important,  you know and trust the authors of the material.  That’s exactly why you need to subscribe to our newsletter which we call “The Mortar & Pestle”.

It’s all of two pages composed of a feature article and two shorter articles, all on different aspects of healthcare.   We try to give you our perspective on the medical news that is current as well as product focused information, product reviews, practical how-to’s that are meant to be useful tips for you and your family.  Drug therapy is most obviously one of our key focuses because that is our expertise, but we haven’t stopped there and try to include topics of interest to those who want accurate information on complementary alternative medicines, nutraceuticals,  medical devices, diagnostics and even health related controversies.

The newsletter is published at the beginning of each month and available immediately for those who have subscribed to receive their copy via e-mail.   The print version is available shortly afterward and can be picked up on the counter at Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare.   Although few things are “free”, our newsletter whether you subscribe or pick up at the pharmacy counter, are NO CHARGE.

We invite you to subscribe.  There is a subscription button on the right hand border of every page of our website at .   At the end of each month the current newsletter is added to our newsletter archive which can be found by simply selecting  the “Patient Resources” tab, which will give you the Newsletter Archive as one of the links from that drop down menu.

We also ask you to give us your health related questions.  We try our best to use those questions as the source for future articles.   In this way we know the articles are timely and current in their focus.   You can pose your questions using our Frequently Asked Questions feature on the website.

To those who are already subscribed or pick up a printed copy when they are in the pharmacy,  THANK YOU! Your interest and readership is greatly appreciated.

Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare

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