June Newsletter Feature: Smokeless Tobacco

The Mortar & Pestle, Volume 4 Issue 6

Just posted our June Newsletter, we call  “The Mortar & Pestle”.     The feature article is about Smokeless Tobacco, also known as “chew” or “snuff”. A dangerous habit that has become a very common addiction among young male athletes as young as the early teens. More addictive than smoking because of the delivery system, which is nicotine delivered through the oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. This is also the more difficult addiction to treat compared to smoking. An important article for athletes, parents and anyone who cares about the health of these young men.

The second article is about oral hygiene, the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums, not just to prevent cavities and gum disease but also to prevent other serious conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infections and sleep disorders.

And in keeping with our theme the third topic we have included is product related. We talk a bit about Nicotine Gum, one of the many new nicotine replacement products available to help people kick the habit. Whether it be smoking or as we discussed, smokeless tobacco, nicotine gum can be one of several options to help with the nicotine withdrawal of a smoking cessation program or kicking the chewing addiction.

Take the time to read this month’s newsletter, we’re certain you will learn something you didn’t know before and it will take you maybe 10 to 15 minutes out of your day.  Written by pharmacists on topics that are not only relevant to you and your family’s health but also reference quality information.  We always welcome your questions.  If you haven’t already reviewed our Frequently Asked Questions or posted a question, now is the time.

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