Dr. Oz Says…

As a stay at home mom, I have caught my fair share of Dr. Oz episodes. After each episode, I wonder how many people out there are following all of his advice. It reminds me of the children’s game Simon Says, are all of his viewers blindly following exactly what Dr. Oz says?

Each episode presents information from how to lose weight to how to prevent the aging process. Sure Dr. Oz presents excellent information on general health, but with a new show every day the volume of information is likely overwhelming for most. Additionally, it seems to me that each day he is recommending a new supplement or three. Take this to prevent diabetes and that to lower cholesterol. Take this for fighting against aging and that to keep your skin looking great. With one show each week day, by the end of the week Dr. Oz has recommended his viewers be on 5+ supplements.

My point is, while Dr. Oz has good advice, no one should be following all of it, especially if you are taking prescription medications. If you think one of his recommendations may be beneficial to you, you should ask your pharmacist or health care provider before starting a new supplement. Many supplements can interact with medications and cause harm. Natural does not a mean safe or free from side effects. Whether you are currently taking prescription medications or not, starting a supplement should be discussed with a health care professional. Supplements are not without side effects, and it is important to know if the benefit of the formulation outweighs the risks for you individually. Pick and choose what advice you follow from television shows like Dr. Oz’s carefully and always speak with your pharmacist or another health care professional before beginning to take these Dr. Oz recommended supplements.

After all, if Simon jumped off a cliff, would you?

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