Pet Prescriptions

Do you have a pet that requires medication?

At Stafford Pharmacy we specialize in custom compounding for animals!  Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications to meet unique patient needs. Prescriptions are made by hand by our pharmacy technicians, right here at Stafford Pharmacy. They are made based on size, weight, dosage, and flavor preference of each patient. That means that we can make medications specifically for your cat, dog, rabbit, snake, bird, ferret, or any other animal you can think of.

Compounding veterinary medications provides the following benefits:

  • Special flavouring to make the medication more appealing to your pet (and therefore easier to administer). Examples include beef flavoured liquids for dogs or fish flavoured for cats!
  • Creating dosages that are appropriate for pets. In most cases, medications come in a dosage which is appropriate for an adult human. Household pets tend to be much smaller and require smaller doses, therefore customized formulations are necessary.
  • Allows for the creation of a form appealing to the animal. Animals often won’t simply swallow a pill like we would. At Stafford Pharmacy we can make medications in the form of animal “treats” to make administration of a medication to your pet much easier and less stressful on both parties involved.

It is important to note that in order for us to make a compounded medication for your animal we require a prescription from your veterinarian. While we are the medication experts, the veterinarians are the diagnosis experts and we rely on their expertise to diagnose your animal so that we can make the medication to help treat or cure their condition. Our pharmacists work with your veterinarian, and consider both your animals’ condition and taste preferences, in order to create a dosage form that is easy to administer and will work effectively.

Watch for more blog articles about specific compounded remedies for your pet made by Stafford Pharmacy!

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