Cough & Cold

Are you experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms? Whether it’s a headache that you simply can’t shake, a painful sore throat, or a cough that just won’t quit, chances are that your local PharmaChoice pharmacist can help you find relief from your symptoms. If you are feeling unwell, stay home, and have a friend or family member visit Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare for you. Our pharmacists can help with appropriate recommendations on how best to treat your cold symptoms which will always include non-drug measures such as lots of fluids, plenty of rest, and a humidifer to increase room humidity. Talk to us – we’re very approachable and here to help.

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*If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please follow all direction from the government and local health authority. Stay home, self monitor and speak with your health care provider.

Visit Stafford Pharmacy & Home Healthcare for more health advice.

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