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2020/21 Influenza Vaccination Program

We are again participating in the Alberta Health-sponsored influenza vaccination program. The vaccination program’s official launch date is Monday, October 19th, 2020. All vaccinations are being administered by appointment only and all COVID-19 precautions are being followed. Call (403) 320-6500 during regular business hours to arrange a time for your vaccination. Everyone is encouraged to

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Sun Smarts

The sun releases many kinds of radiation, each with its own wavelength. As soon as UV radiation (UVR) reaches the skin, it is readily absorbed by the skin molecules that intermingle more intensely with a specific wavelength. This act may result in damaging the skin proteins, lipids, and cellular DNA, eventually leading to skin cancer.

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Health Advisory

Lyme Disease

The best way to prevent Lyme Disease is to avoid being bitten by a tick. These ticks are generally found near grassy and wooded areas with trees, shrubs and piles of leaves. Use these tips when heading outside in an area where ticks can be found:

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Custom Compounding

Compounding For Companion Animals

Preparing custom dosage forms for patients has been practiced since the first time someone collected medicinal herbs, crushed them to a powder, to be brewed as a therapeutic tea for an ailment. This became the purview of the pharmacist until commercially prepared dosage forms entered the profession in the 20th century. When dedicated pharmaceutical companies were established to manufacture medications in various dosage forms, this skill and its offering gradually became infrequently used, although never lost or forgotten.

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Health News

Is There Truth To Full Moon Effects on Behaviour?

The moon has an influence on our planet, many of which we accept or have been verified by science.  This includes the moon’s effects on the tides, without which we’d have no changes in the tide over the course of the day or the month.   The animal world also relies on the Moon for navigation as well as a signal for the changes in the life cycles of some insects, amphibians, reptiles and marine animals.   Many people also believe that the moon’s phases result in significant changes to human behaviour – at least, changes to some humans if not all – and yes, this is still up for debate.

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