Information About The Medication You Received for Your Companion Animal

We know all the information you received for your companion animal is new, you may have had to learn about a new diagnosis, watched the veterinarian take some blood samples and maybe even done some of your own reading after a search on the internet using Google, Bing, StartPage or other search services.   Some of the information you have received made sense, and some of the information may require you to ask questions of your veterinarian or pharmacist again.   We expect that.   All of this is new and simply the amount of new information can be the real challenge.

To help you out where we can, we are reproducing a selection of the more frequently used preparations.   The following is a short list of short counseling handouts that we try to make sure is made available when you collect the prepared medication at the pharmacy.   For a variety of reasons, we find that for a variety of reasons animal owners need another copy of the information which is easiest just to make available here.

Simply click on the preparation link below to find the handout in a form that can be either read online or printed.


We will continue to post new information briefs as they are prepared in response to the more frequently prepared formulations.


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