Scheduling Vaccinations With The Pharmacist

Vaccination Appointments

Tuesday & Thursday:   2:00pm to 4:30pm  (January to December)

Note:  If it is impossible to schedule an appointment during our regularly organized vaccination clinics, we will work to accommodate your schedule but you must call to arrange an appointment.  Appointments outside the designated times will be dependent on the pharmacist’s schedule.   Please know that although most vaccinations are now available through our pharmacy, giving vaccinations or any medications by injection does carry some risk of adverse reaction.   This is the reason for the vaccination at an appointed time, which allows us to be prepared for every patient visit.   Some vaccines are not stocked on a regular basis for a variety of reasons but since they are readily available through our suppliers for next day delivery.  Therefore, scheduling visits for vaccinations prevents any inconvenience to the patient.

Please call (403) 320-6500 to arrange an appointment to receive your vaccination.  Most vaccinations require some preparation time and may require you to remain at the pharmacy for 20min for observation.  Please ask when making the appointment. 
 Vaccinations included but are not limited to TwinRx, HaviRx, Zostavax, Gardasil and more.   These vaccination services are available year round, twelve months of the year.  

Please note the above listed immunizations require a prescription which traditionally would be issued by your doctor.  We now have a pharmacist on staff who has “Advanced Prescribing Authority” and can therefore issue prescriptions for these vaccinations if it is judged that such a vaccination is appropriate for an individual.   We invite you to discuss this with our pharmacists if you require any of the above mentioned vaccinations. 

Note: We are certified to provide medications by injection for drugs such as Vitamin B12, Eprex, Aranesp, Innohep, and many more. Receiving a medication by injection?  Talk to a Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician or Pharmacist Assistant for more information about receiving the injection, administered by the pharmacist.

Syringe Pre-Fill Services

Just looking for these injectable medications to be pre-filled into a syringe with needle ready for use?  We can accommodate this request as well.  Talk to our pharmacy staff about “pre-fill” services.  This does require some prior arrangement but can be set up to continue for as long as you require the service.   A few days, a week, a month or many months – not a problem.  We can set up the service to be re-occurring automatically for as long as you require.

There is a $20 fee for this service.  A receipt will be issued for claiming on your income tax return or for reimbursement from your private insurance plans

Many insurance plans will include coverage for services which can include those services provided by a pharmacist.   Our pharmacists are certified to provide this service as required by the Alberta College of Pharmacists.   In addition,  the payment of pharmacist professional services are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency to be included as an allowed medical expense.  For clarification please consult your tax consultant or the Canada Revenue Agency directly.

In the meantime, hang on to those receipts from the pharmacy.


At Stafford Pharmacy our pharmacists are trained and certified to administer immunizations as well as many other medications by injection.  This includes intradermal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.


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