Your Pharmacist your partner in health

March 4th – 10th is Pharmacist Awareness Week (PAW) across Canada. Pharmacist Awareness Week began in 1991 with the goal of increasing public awareness of the role pharmacists play on the health care team. PAW has continued for the past 21 years with a new theme and different events being held across the country each year.

Your pharmacist is your “medication expert” as well as an excellent resource for all of your other health related questions. The pharmacist is the most accessible member of the health care team, however is often not thought of as a source for health information. In addition to helping you understand your medication, your pharmacist can help you by: answering questions about your health, treating minor illnesses, administering injections, determining if you need to see your doctor or another member of the health care team and much more! When you have a question about your health, consider asking your pharmacist. For simple questions, no appointment is necessary! If you have a question about your health, stop in to Stafford Pharmacy and speak with one of the pharmacists. You may be surprised by the skills and knowledge your pharmacist holds.

To celebrate pharmacist awareness week, we would like to invite you to BECOME A PART OF OUR NEWSLETTER!  See firsthand how your pharmacist can address all of your health related questions.  Submit your medication or health related question to your Stafford Pharmacy team and it will be answered by the pharmacist in an upcoming newsletter!

You can submit your question to the pharmacist in one of the following ways:

  1. Visit our website and click on contact. Fill out the required fields with the subject “Ask Your Pharmacist”. In the message, ask us your question and we will provide you with an answer which will be included in an upcoming newsletter.
  2. Fill out an “Ask Your Pharmacist” form in the pharmacy and place it in the box.

It can be hard to know where to go with questions about your health or the health of your loved ones. Your pharmacist is available to help. Now more than ever, pharmacists can work with you and your doctor to make sure you’re as healthy as you can be. Talk to your pharmacist at Stafford Pharmacy today to learn how we can help you improve your health.

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