Wash your hands! Prevent cold and flu’s!

The best way to stop the spread of infections is through hand-washing!

When should your wash your hands?

  • Before meals
  • After using the washroom
  • After blowing your nose or sneezing
  • After changing diapers

We all know that there is often not a sink near by when you need one. In these cases a pocket sized hand sanitizer can do in a pinch. Ensure that the hand sanitizer contains 70% w/v ethyl alcohol. Products that contain lower concentrations or ingredients other than ethyl alcohol are not effective in sanitizing hands.

When using hand sanitizers, use a generous amount ( about the size of a quarter). Be sure to rub entire hand surface, especially around nails and in between fingers. Allow your hands to dry in the air. Do not wipe the gel off., or it will not be effective!

Pharmacist’s Product Recommendations

  • Isagel—this sanitizer comes in multiple sizes to suite your needs

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