Stafford Pharmacy Offers Injections in Store

Where can you have your injection/ immunization administered?

Prior to 2009, the only place to have receive your injection was at a doctor’s office or a public flu vaccination clinic. Now pharmacists can take advanced training in order to be certified to administer injections! The pharmacists at Stafford Pharmacy have completed their certification and are able to administer injections!

Do injections require a prescription from your doctor?

The annual flu shot is the only injection in Alberta that does not require a prescription from a physician. Stafford Pharmacy holds an annual flu vaccination clinic FREE to all Alberta residents. Watch in store for clinic dates!

Travel vaccinations and others such as those listed on the front page require a prescription.

Where can you have your injections administered?

Once you have a prescription, and your pharmacy dispenses the injection for you, you now have a few options on where to have the injection administered. You can take the prescription back to your doctors office for administration, or you can choose to have it administered at Stafford Pharmacy! We require an appointment so be sure to call ahead!

Is there a fee for this service?

Yes. You will be charged a $20 administration fee when the pharmacist administers your injection.

If I have my injection administered at Stafford Pharmacy what can I expect?

When you arrive you will be asked to fill out a consent form. Once the form is complete, the pharmacist will administer the injection in a private room. After you have received the injection you will be asked to stay in the pharmacy for 15 minutes to ensure that you do not have a reaction to the injection.

Call and book an appointment to have your injection administered at Stafford Pharmacy today!

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