Fact or Fiction: Hitting the tanning bed before you go on holidays will prevent sun burn?

Fiction!!!! Getting a tan before you go on holidays will not protect you from the sun on holiday! At best, a tan is equivalent to an SPF of only 2 to 4, which is not enough to keep you safe in the sun.

Indoor tanning (using a tanning bed) before the age of 30 dramatically increases your risk of developing skin cancer. In fact, the World Health Organization is now classifying Indoor tanning in it’s highest risk category stating it is “carcinogenic to humans”.

In Canada, skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and it’s incidence is on the rise. For Canadians born in the 1990’s, there is a 1 in 6 lifetime risk of having skin cancer, for those born in the 1960’s there is a 1 in 20 lifetime risk. The main cause of skin cancer is too much UV radiation.

In 2010, over 75,000 Canadians will be newly diagnosed with skin cancer.

Don’t let it be you!

Indoor tanning is OUT! Wear sunscreen!

For more information on sun safety visit www.dermatology.ca

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