Does the darkness have you down?

For many of us, increasing darkness can cause a depressed mood and decreased energy. Without the sunshine that we need we feel blue, especially if we are spending our time indoors when the sun is shining. If you feel down when fall arrives replacing the sun with a light therapy device may be a solution. Being exposed to bright light first thing in the morning helps us to feel more alert and optimistic all day long.

By using light therapy for 15—30 minutes each morning, you can feel more energized like you do when you spend time in the sun.

Light therapy helps to reset your body clock everyday and helps to improve your sleep at night. Light therapy uses wavelengths of light identical to the peak wave-lengths of the sun (without the harmful UV rays). It is a safe and effective way to improve mood, help you fell energized and improve sleep.

If you think that light therapy may benefit you, ask your pharmacy or home healthcare staff member for more information today.

Pharmacist’s Product Recommendations

  • Litebook Elite—small countertop light therapy device

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