Run out of refills?

Didn’t realize you were out of refills on your prescription? Can’t get in to see your doctor before you will run out? Can your pharmacist help you?

Pharmacists now have the ability to renew your prescription for current and ongoing therapies to ensure treatment is not interrupted.

Will my pharmacist renew my prescription?

MAYBE. It depends on whether or not your pharmacist has enough information about your condition and treatment. When the pharmacist renews your prescription, the pharmacist becomes the prescriber, instead of the doctor. The pharmacist is now responsible for the therapy prescribed.

The pharmacist must ensure that the therapy is: necessary, effective and safe for your condition.

Can the pharmacist renew any prescription?

No. Pharmacists are unable to renew prescriptions for narcotics and other controlled substances at this time.

Can the pharmacist refuse to renew my prescription?

Yes. If the pharmacist does not feel that they have enough information about you and your health status they may refuse to renew your prescription.   They may also refuse to renew your prescription if they do not feel that it is a safe and necessary drug therapy for you to be on.  That being said, if it is a medication that you normally take and have been taking for a chronic health problem, it is most likely that the pharmacist will not refuse.   There pharmacist is here to do what is best for you and is not here to interfere with rational prescribed drug therapy.

Can my pharmacist renew my prescription for an entire year?

No. Pharmacists can renew your prescription for a reasonable length of time which might be 30 days to allow you to see your physician or 3 months if in the judgement of the pharmacist it would be better to extend the prescription for the usual days supply that a prescription refill might last you.   You must still see your doctor on a regular basis to obtain your prescriptions.  Pharmacists are only able to renew when you are unable to get into the doctor’s office before you run out of refills.

Will my doctor know the pharmacist renew my prescription?

Yes. When a pharmacist renews your prescription they must notify your doctor of exactly what medication was renewed and for how long.

Is there a fee when the pharmacist renews my prescription?

At the introduction of this new service  there was were no fees for this service.  However, as of  July 1, 2012 there is  a charge for the service but is covered by Alberta Health Services on your behalf, otherwise it is a $20 fee.   Please ask your pharmacy staff for more information.

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