Diabetic Supplies Need a Prescription Too!

Which insulin supplies should you get a prescription for?

Not only do you need a prescription for your insulin if you are a diabetic, but you should also have your doctor write you a prescription for your needles and your test strips.

Why do you need a prescription for these?

In order for drug plans to pay for your insulin supplies like needles and strips, they require a prescription. You can buy these items without a prescription, but they will not be covered by your insurance plan.

What about lancets?

Lancet’s are not covered by any insurance plans at the current time. Therefore you do not require a prescription for lancets because you will have to pay for them either way.

What should be on the prescription?

The prescription should specify how frequently the supplies are to be used (ex. Three times daily or Four times daily etc.). It should also say how many needles and/or strips are being prescribed. The doctor may write this as a quantity (ex. 100) or by duration (ex. 3 months).

How long is a prescription valid for?

The longest possible duration for a single prescription is 18 months from the date it is entered into the pharmacy’s computer. However, the pharmacy can accept a prescription up to one year after the date it was written. Even though you will need these supplies ongoing, the doctor cannot write a prescription for the rest of your life! It is good practice to ask your doctor for a new prescription for your supplies at each doctors visit to ensure your prescription for supplies doesn’t expire.

Ask a member of the pharmacy team about the status of your diabetic supply prescription today!

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