Medical Alert

What is a medical alert?

A medic alert is an identification tag which is worn on the neck or wrist that tells emergency personnel vital health information. Some people are even having medical alert information tattooed onto their wrists!

What types of information should be on a medical alert?

Medical alerts should have the following information listed on the back:

  • Allergies to medications as well as foods and insects
  • Chronic Medical Conditions
  • Medications (which may be potentially harmful when combined with emergency treatments)

How can a medical alert help to protect you?

In the case of an emergency, the information on these tags saves lives.

Emergency responders are trained to look for medical alerts. When they are present, the responder immediately has access to potentially life saving information. These alerts save the responders time and in many instances time can save lives. A medical alert can prevent you from receiving a medication that could harm or kill you. They help responders recognize what is wrong with you faster as well, this results in more timely treatment and can prevent a hospital visit.

Who should wear a medical alert?

  • Those with allergies to medications, foods (peanuts) and insects (bee stings)
  • Those taking medications such as anti-coagulants (warfarin) or insulin
  • Those taking multiple medications
  • Those with blood disorders

And many many more!!

Where can you get a medical alert?

Common medical alerts can be purchased at most pharmacies. Additionally, customized medical alerts can be ordered online. The Canadian charity Medic Alert offers customized alerts online at

Ask your pharmacist today if a medical alert is right for you!

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