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If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or 2 diabetes it is likely that you have been asked to monitor your blood sugar at home. Those with Type 1 diabetes are managed with insulin therapy and should test their blood 4-6 times per day. Those with Type 2 diabetes on oral medication may test 2-4 times per day, and those on insulin 4-6 times per day.

What should my blood sugar be?

When you test your blood sugar at home, the following are the ranges your blood sugar should fall in:

  • Fasting blood sugar (when you first wake up in the morning or before meals): 4-7 mmol/L
  • 2 hours after meals: 5-10 mmol/L

When should you test your blood sugar?

It is a good idea to test at different times each day. At a minimum one reading should be a fasting blood sugar and the other should be 2 hours after a meal. Each day, if you test at different times you will be able to see the whole picture of how your blood sugar is managed. Record these readings in a log book and take them to you doctor’s appointments!

Where can you purchase blood glucose meters for use at home?

At Stafford Pharmacy our selection of blood glucose meters are found in the Home Healthcare Department. Our staff will help you select the right meter and show you how to properly use it!

When you purchase 100 test strips, your meter is FREE!

What are the differences between each kind of meter?

There are many different brands and types of meters on the market today. However, each of them serves the same purpose. They may be available in different colors and some are more compact than others. Many meters today can connect to your personal computer and allow you to graph your blood sugar’s. A few units hold the test strips inside, and dispense one test strip at a time when needed. These meters have everything you need attached to the unit for easy access.

With the rapid technology improvements every year, the choices can seem intimidating. If you are looking for a meter for the first time, or want to upgrade your old meter speak with our homecare staff today!

(Remember: to have your testing supplies covered by your drug plan, you must have a prescription from your doctor!)

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