Spring has sprung and with that comes running, hiking, and long walks. While enjoying these activities, new or improperly fitting footwear can result in painful blisters which can cut these activities short or make them miserable. Luckily, there is a solution!

The Spenco Blister Kit contains everything you need to treat or prevent blisters from forming. Blisters are caused by friction on the skin. The Spenco Blister Kit contains a unique 3 layer system which decreases friction in order to prevent and treat blisters. The first layer is a 2nd skin moist pad which is placed directly on the blister or “hot spot”. Next an adhesive knit fabric fits securely over the 2nd skin, holding it in place. Finally, pressure pads protect “hot spots” on the skin and prevent rubbing and the formation or worsening of blisters.

The Spenco Blister Kit is a great treatment to carry in your purse while traveling or in your backpack while hiking. Don’t let blisters ruin your vacation or outdoor activities. Visit our Home Healthcare department today to ask about this product and ensure you remain blister free this year!

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