Smoking Cessation

These links have been added as additional information sources, because we are convinced that the more information you can have, the better you will understand smoking as a learned behaviour as well as a nicotine addiction.   All of this serves to better prepare those who are working to become non-smokers.   If you are a smoker, you are encouraged to QUIT, if you do quit and happen to have a cigarette, don’t give up – keep at it, because research shows eventually those who work to unlearn that smoking behaviour, will eventually gain enough practice or non-smoking experience, to establish themselves as non-smokers.  Remember that non-smoking is the Natural State.

Physicians and Smoking Cessation
Hints and tips from Cancer Net – Stop Smoking
American Lung Association
Smoking Reduction Tips
Smoking Cessation Facts
Smoking Cessation A Guide for Primary Care Clinicians
Tobacco Cessation Guidelines
Canadian Lung Association
Health Canada – Living Smoke Free
Smoking Cessation – A Guide
Tobacco Reduction – Smoking Cessation
Smoking Cessation – Prevention, a Bibliography
Smoking Cessation Articles – A Collection

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