Compression Stocking Therapy

 “Taking Better Care of Your Legs”


Who should wear them?

If you experience any of the following:

  • Varicose veins
  • Heaviness or  fatigue of the legs
  • Pregnancy
  • After vein stripping or sclerotherapy
  • After phlebitis or a blood clot
  • Chronic swelling of the legs

 Who should Not wear them?

If you experience any of the following:

  • Impaired arterial circulation
  • Reduced sensation in the feet or legs
  • Active infection in lower extremities
  • Inability to apply or remove stockings

 How do compression stocking work?

  • Enhance vales in the vein. Stocking squeeze the leg and in doing so cause the valves to compress. Even if they are incompetent this may make them work better.
  • Create the calf pump mechanism. Any activity the leg goes threw makes the calf muscle contract and relax. With this the calf muscle helps to force blood to move upward through the veins. Stockings make the calf muscle more efficient.
  • Create higher pressure in the surrounding tissue. With the stockings will keep the legs from swelling through the day. They will not reduce swelling once it has occurred.
  • Graduated compression means greater pressure at the ankle, this works to move blood back to the heart.

 How do I wear them?

Compression Stockings should be applied first thing in the morning, especially when swelling occurs. They should remain on as much as possible but may be removed during periods of rest and must be removed overnight.  Do not wear the stockings to sleep.

 How do I put the stockings on?

  • Always use rubber gloves! The gloves allow you to smooth the stockings on rather than pinching and grabbing them with your fingers. This is easier and more comfortable.
  • Powder can be applied to the foot if it is moist.
  • Gradually pull the stocking over the toes and foot, work the stocking up the leg until smooth.
  • Bring a little more of the stockings onto the foot and work it up the leg until smooth.
  • Continue to do this until the stocking is in position.
  • Do not pull on stocking as this will stretch it in length.
  • Position the stockings in place and smooth any excess material.
  • Do not have wrinkles in the fabric or folds.

There are also various devices to help apply stocking. Talk to your stocking fitter for more information.

How do I remove the stockings?

  • Always use rubber gloves!
  • Pull the top of the stocking down towards the toes.
  • Keep the stocking free of folds or wrinkles and continue to remove so it is inside-out.
  • Work the stocking over the heel to remove the foot.
  • Do not pull to hard on the stockings as they will tear.

There is a device to help remove stocking. Talk to your stocking fitter about this product.

 How do I wash the stockings?

  • Use lukewarm water and mild soap. We recommend the stocking wash solution.
  • Rinse well.
  • Hang to air dry.
  • Do not place in dryer or in direct sunlight.
  • Important! Vallaincourt stocking can be put in the gentle cycle of the washer. Air dry only.

 Want to know more?

  • When first starting to wear compression stocking, wear for four hours the first day and increase wear time each day. Sometimes first time wearers will experience some discomfort in legs.
  • If you experience numbness in the feet and toes while wearing the stockings, remove and contact your fitter. Only if you have never had numbness prior to wearing the stockings.
  • If you have redness, or itchiness of the skin while wearing the stockings, you may have an allergy. Remove the stockings and call your fitter.

Interested in compression stockings or already have a prescription from your physician for compression therapy, come in and speak with our home healthcare staff who will help you choose the right option for you, as well as to make certain the fit is just right, so you can look forward to wearing the stockings rather than park them in the bottom drawer.



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