Resources for the Health Professional

With the introduction of the “search engine” for the internet it is never our goal to provide health professionals or patients who visit our site with a complete list of resources.   The best we can hope for is a selection of links and resources that might be useful for the busy professional, whether you are a physician, dentist, veterinarian, pharmacist, naturopath, nurse or chiropractor.    What we have done however is to keep an eye out for those web resources that we personally have found to be useful and shared them with you.   Where we can we have included predominately those links that we have had the time to explore in some depth.   We admit one or two sites may sneak in that made a great first impression but a serious exploration of the website’s content may not have been done.  These are the exceptions and will be few in number.

For those new to compounding, which is something that we are pretty big on, please visit the website for the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), which has some good introductions to compounding for prescribers and a page for Veterinarians.  For the pharmacist who might be new to compounding there is also a good intro page as well.  You can find these at:

For Prescribers

For Veterinarians

For the Pharmacist

Some useful destinations and resources on the internet:

Asthma – Doctor’s Guide to the Internet
Clinical Trials Listing by Disease Category
Disease Database
Health Resources
Medical Sciences Bulletin
Med Web
Merck & Co.
Modern Issues in Health Care Management
New York Academy of Medicine
U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM)
The Canadian Medical Association Online
Welcome to the HELIX WEB SITE
Antibiotic Guide – University of Wisconsin
National Jewish Center Med Facts Subject List
Medscape-Medical News, Full-text Journal Articles
Pharmacist’s Letter- Unbiased Evidence and Recommendations
MD Consult – online medical resources

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